Strengthening your church’s financial picture.

In “Building Cash Reserves,” Michael E. Batts writes, “A church that intends to maintain a healthy financial position cannot, by definition, do so without cash flow surpluses. Many church leaders express their desire to maintain healthy cash reserves and financial position, but then operate in a manner that doesn’t support that objective. For example, if a church spends all of its cash revenue each year, that church cannot improve its liquidity or cash reserves no matter how much its leaders may say they want to. Improving a church’s liquidity and cash reserves requires intentional effort as an essential part of the planning and budgeting process. That effort must include planning to spend less than what the church receives in cash revenues.”

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Mary Beth writes:
“Make good choices” is a catch-phrase that you often hear, especially if you’re a parent helping your kids think about the cause and effect their actions create. So does this catch-phrase also work for adults? Today I was reminded to choose to please the Lord (How, Lord?) and would also make me just a little more creative in the process! So, rather than looking at my “upside-down-from-how-I’d-like-them-to-be”circumstances, or the “going-to-hell-in-a-handbasket” mess in the world, I chose to exchange my will for His, and received my smile and my future back; I chose to keep looking at Jesus to reflect Him to unsmiling faces almost everywhere; and I chose to find my way back into His Presence in order to receive all He Is & has for me. Finding my place as His child, I receive “guidance, spiritual prosperity, future posterity, divine secrets, His covenant, and deliverance”. (Spirit-Filled Life Bible). Making good choices for me means choosing to continually return to Him.

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Has anyone whose love you greatly valued ever popped your beautiful inner self-identity balloon and let all the air out? Perhaps a parent abused you (particularly a father), a spouse, who crushed your spirit to the point that you were deflated and devalued. Trust in their love and your self-worth were damaged. With “no wind beneath your sails” could you ever be able to fly high and free again? Yes you can!
Ask Father God to continually fill you back up again with Holy Spirit breath so that you depend on HIS opinion of you to inflate your balloon! Suddenly there’s no room anymore to be filled with how badly self has been treated, and you can forgive them, plus repent of any bitterness about it. The triune God Himself fills, loves, and accepts you. You can fly high on those wings! The new balloon is “I can do all things THROUGH CHRIST Who strengthens me.” IMP:The emphasis is not on your achievement, but on HIM, HIS POWER! Then you’re no victim!

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