Has anyone whose love you greatly valued ever popped your beautiful inner self-identity balloon and let all the air out? Perhaps a parent abused you (particularly a father), a spouse, who crushed your spirit to the point that you were deflated and devalued. Trust in their love and your self-worth were damaged. With “no wind beneath your sails” could you ever be able to fly high and free again? Yes you can!
Ask Father God to continually fill you back up again with Holy Spirit breath so that you depend on HIS opinion of you to inflate your balloon! Suddenly there’s no room anymore to be filled with how badly self has been treated, and you can forgive them, plus repent of any bitterness about it. The triune God Himself fills, loves, and accepts you. You can fly high on those wings! The new balloon is “I can do all things THROUGH CHRIST Who strengthens me.” IMP:The emphasis is not on your achievement, but on HIM, HIS POWER! Then you’re no victim!

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