Mary Beth Clements

Mary Beth Clements is an ordained minister, preacher and teacher of the Word of God, prophetic minister, ardent and passionate worshipper, writer, and speaker since 1969 when she was born again, consecrated her life to Christ when she heard His audible voice, and received the Baptism with the Holy Spirit.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music from UCLA
  • Applying for a Doctorate in Practical Ministry from Wagner Leadership Institute
  • Professional singer Roger Wagner Chorale, Carnegie Hall, Shrine Auditorium, Hollywood Bowl in LA
  • Professional singer with Tony Martin (of MGM-Cyd Charisse fame) Coconut Grove in L.A., Americana Hotel in New York
  • Taught music in both public and private Christian school, and private voice lessons, 7 years
  • Served in worship ministry to the Lord, choir, worship team, solos, as well as leading worship
  • Prophetic ministry to Church, prophesying inner and physical healing individuals
  • Ordained into ministry as Associate Pastor at small fellowship in AZ and the International Ministerial Association
  • Speaker at churches in AZ; CA; Mexico; Belize, Central America; Guyana, South America
  • Speaker on TV program called “City Talks” in Tucson, AZ
  • Speaker & Minister at Regional IMA Pastor’s Conference in CA
  • Writing 3 books, which she hopes to publish soon
  • Written 100 worship songs

Since October, 2006, when they were sent by the Lord to the Dallas, TX,area, they have been attending the prophetic-apostolic Church, Glory of Zion, which is now part of  The Global Spheres Center led by Dr. Chuck D. Pierce as head Apostle of an Apostolic Network of Churches, 500,000 people on internet. Dave and Mary Beth have been developing their ministry vision and Ministry of After His Heart Ministries, filmed at a TV Studio in Denton, TX.

Mary Beth has been given the vision from the Lord for the ministry, and given the concepts for the programs which she writes.  With Dave’s equal partnership, business accumen, and work as Executive Producer, they are co-founders of After His Heart Ministries International.

We want to include other ministries on our website with a similar vision to ours, a vision that encourages  people & our nation to return to the Lord, and the world, come back, come for the 1st time, into an intimate relationship with the Lord!  Besides our TV-Internet program, “Making a Difference”, we want to see other ministries released into their God-given destinies by the power of Holy Spirit!

Dave and Mary Beth feel that everyone in the Body of Christ is “sent” by God to do the “stuff”, the healings, miracles, signs and wonders. Both Dave and Mary Beth can’t wait to “do the stuff” right on this program!

Eventually, they hope to also do some Life seminars, including business and handling finances, which show that we are ready to serve God, and also including listing some ways why their 50 year marriage is working. They would like to help facilitate the honoring of the marriage covenant of couples to stay together rather than to get divorced, if possible. (Sometimes it’s not!). Understanding the marriage covenant is a way to understand the sanctity oftheir covenant with their 1st Love Heavenly Bridegroom who is coming again so we may live eternally together in Heaven, Jesus!

We are able to teach, hopefully give wisdom and insight, and prophesy on avariety of subjects that are inspirited by Holy spirit, submitted in the timing of God, and grounded in the Word of God that help prepare the Body of Christ, and those that don’t yet believe, for Christ’s return for His Bride!