Our Heart

After His Heart Ministries Int’l is just that: We are After His Heart to do all of the will of our Lord by the power of Holy Spirit just like King David who wrote many Psalms of Praise and Worship to the One Who empowered him to be a forerunner of abandoned love and service, in whatever God asked him to do, to God the Father, Son Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit!

Our Ministry is expressed at this time through a TV-INTERNET program called “Making a Difference”. The purpose of the program is by the power of Holy Spirit we, and our program guests, present to our viewing audience the concept of pressing into a stronger, more intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Through deeper relationship with Him, we want to make a difference in people’s lives, and to reach un-reached people groups by preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the only One Who can truly Make a Difference! His gospel expresses the goodness of God’s incredible love, power, grace, and mercy to them.

We are passionate about following After His Heart and so we implore the nations to return to the One who is always there for them in loving relationship and spiritual intimacy!. When people are healed, saved, and delivered, they are able to trust God to be in a relationship with Him in spiritual intimacy, and with others. There is a new Church arising who is After His Heart, one based on His Presence through the power of Holy Spirit! This is a time of great change, and we are called to the battle lines to bring about the greatest change of all, bringing in the Kingdom of God, His Kingdom, to earth!

You can view all of our programs that we have filmed to date by clicking on any one of the desired programs on this website. It is our desire to bring other Ministries that share a similar vision onto our website in the near future. It was God’s idea and plan through His prophets relating His will to us to expand this just birthed TV Program into a Network for His glory in these end times we live in.