Birthing of Ministry

This ministry was born with answering a call from God to the Nations when Dave and Mary Beth were at a Heidi Baker Conference at Harvest Rock Church at the Ambassador Auditorium in Pasadena, Ca, in 2004.

Heidi Baker had asked those to go down front and onto the platform who were willing to go to a foreign country and give their lives for the Lord if necessary. Mary Beth was overcome with God’s love and the anointing power of Holy Spirit to go, kept sliding out of her seat, had not breath, and would have died had she not answered the call and gone forward. All the way down to the platform she kept arguing with God that she couldn’t go without Dave, but she obeyed as though there simply wasn’t any other choice but to go!

She couldn’t get on the platform since it was packed with people, so she ended up about ¾ the way up the stairs leading to the platform-stage area. In intercessory prayer there on the stairwell, God spoke to her saying, “You’re not going to go and leave Dave, you’ll go by TV!” And just then, Che’ Ahn, the Apostolic leader of the Church, jumped across the corner of the stage to the staircase, and “bopped” her on the head with his hand full of the anointing of God, and she went flying into the air about 5 feet backwards onto people down below at the bottom of the stairs, and no one was hurt when she landed!

This was truly confirmation that what had just happened was God!

Dave is the International Executive Producer of the program! He has an incredible teaching on Servant Leadership, which reach out very effectively into the marketplace. He is also an ordained minister, is well accomplished in the business world, and understands how to practically reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

You can see all of our programs that we have filmed to date by clicking on any one of the desired programs on this website. We desire to bring other Ministries that share a similar vision onto our website in the near future. It was God’s idea and plan through His prophets relating His will to us to expand this just birthed TV Program into a Network for His glory in these end times we live in.